About One Clip

empowering students
to become stewards

Inspired by the Paper Clips Project started in Whitwell, Tennessee, One Clip at a Time is a nonprofit based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that promotes student activism and supports service learning in classrooms across North America. One Clip has created an engaging and interactive service learning program (for students in the 5th grade and above) around the award-winning film, Paper Clips, that motivates and empowers students to make positive changes in their own classrooms and communities. Throughout the course of the program, students learn the history and tragedy of the Holocaust and then discover ways to make positive changes in their own classrooms and communities and are encouraged to continually make a difference. We accomplish this by offering FREE professional development institutes every summer.

One Clip believes that education is a call to action and that every student has the potential to make a difference. Our goal is to help foster an understanding and appreciation of diverse interests, cultures and backgrounds in students. But more than just giving them the tools they need to combat prejudice, hatred and discrimination, we are also empowering them to be good stewards and to make positive changes in their own communities. We are creating young philanthropists and future leaders who will convey these lessons to their children and future generations.

One Clip Lessons:
• Help students address local needs and develop concrete action plans
• Extend learning beyond the classroom and into the community
• Inspire social activism and fosters lifelong civic responsibility